e-design services for busy women
who want to quickly refresh their home

e-design services for busy women
who want to quickly refresh their home

Who else wants a fresh look for her home, like pronto!?

You do!

The fact is that you know what you like and what you don’t like. And you don’t have the time or energy to search over and over again for the perfect room design to match your lifestyle.

And with each Pinterest board filling your head with millions of new ideas, it can be a real ordeal to narrow down your options. Your life is already too hectic as it is. You don’t need extra hassles.

After all, design is not your day-to-day job; life and family are.

Glam Office Mood-Board



The done-for-you package that will give you a complete guide on how to
take your room from "meah" to "oh, yeah!" in no time!

Here’s what you get with the FUSS-FREE ROOM DESIGN package:

  • A creative design for your one-of-a-kind personality based on your wish list
  • A design board with furniture, fabrics, and paints to see how they perfectly match together
  • A room layout that shows how the items will fit in your space and their dimensions
  • A simple clickable list to buy the products for a hassle-free shopping experience
  • To-Do List with tips & tricks on how to quickly pull the room together by yourself

Let's start saving you time as of right now
for you to spend it with your family and live your extraordinary life to the fullest

The FUSS-FREE ROOM DESIGN service will give you the well deserved peace of mind, since:

  • Your unique lifestyle will sparkle all over your designed room.
  • I’ll keep what you already have and mix it magically with new items to help your budget.
  • You’ll know for sure that all the fabulous stuff you’ll buy will go together and will perfectly fit the space.
  • You’ll get the color palette that will make the room feel like a visual representation of your soul.
  • My design process from dream to done is definitely what you need: smooth, easy, and quick
Ready to take the next step?
What happy ladies are saying

it all starts with a plan

One that will make you famous for your fabulous home.

Let's start saving you time right now!

my E-design process is super easy

There are only 4 simple steps to your dream home with e-design services

Step 1:

Let's have a free 20 min consult-call to make sure we're a good fit for each other. After deciding on the best setting for your room I'll send you the payment link together with your Welcome Pack.

Step 2:

You have homework to do: answer the design questionnaire, measure, photograph your room and send all these details to me. No worries, you'll have instructions in the Welcome Pack.

Step 3:
Design & refine

And here is my master zone. I’ll get to work on all my magical design skills and bring your dream home to life. Besides, we'll refine the concept together. You have a glass of wine, sit back and relax!

Step 4:
It's Done

Hooray, it’s Shopping Day! Your final design package is here. In less than 14 days, you will get a complete set of decorating goodies to start your room makeover at your own pace.

I'll create your happy place in two weeks flat.

I'll design it. You'll DIY it.

Go ahead, take the credit. I won’t tell.

You deserve a home where you can live your extraordinary life to the fullest.

One that gets your family excited to spend more time together.

Say "YES!" to your refreshed home!

You may want to know...

How long does the process take? You can have the complete service pack within ten days of submitting your design questionnaire answers, room measurements, space pictures, and other details needed to begin designing your space. You will find the list of required information in the Welcome Pack you will receive upon purchase. The service is available for 30 days from purchase day. You will have to submit your details and start the design process during this open period to benefit from the purchased service.

How do I know what my design style is? This is easy because your home design style should reflect your personality. So, you’re in the right place! I’ll help you turn your dazzling personality into a one-of-a-kind home design style. There’s no need to follow recipes as long as we are unique in this world.

Can you work on a tight budget? Of course, I’ll find a solution for any budget. We will also work together to set the budget priorities, and you’ll be in control of the buying process. The best part about e-design services is that you will be able to buy the chosen products at your own pace. To help you more with your budget, I will incorporate any existing piece into the design concept that you may want to keep.

Are there additional costs after the purchase? Not really. My package is a flat-fee service per room. The listed price is available exclusively for my design services. The charges with furniture, decors, accessories, and contractors are not included, as they are outside my work scope. However, for additional room design services, you’ll get a consistent discounted price.

How much does it cost?
How much does it cost?

FUSS-FREE ROOM DESIGN package is $350.

By comparison, let’s think of an alternative.

You come home with a bunch of artwork and a vintage chandelier that looked so good in the stores. But when you put them together in the bedroom, your shopping enthusiasm drops at the speed of light.

You drink a bottle of wine before you dive into that bucket of ice-cream.

That’s how you live with the consequences of both choices for months to come — end of story.

A better idea is to get the “FUSS-FREE ROOM DESIGN” service.

Then you can decide if wine and ice-cream are still appropriate.

It looks like the "fuss-free ROOM DESIGN"
package caught your eye.

Ready to be proud of your fabulous home?

Then let's make "step 1" a reality and schedule the dicovery call!

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