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If you want to work with me to either bring to life your dream home design or just give it a quick refresh, check out the steps below and let's get in touch.

You can now schedule your free, 20 minutes consultation call directly, using my Calendly form. Or, if you feel more comfortable, to write me, instead of a zoom call, no worries, we will have all our conversations over email.​

My goal is to have you  delighted   in love   thrilled  with my work.

My goal is to have you  delighted   in love   thrilled  with my work.

This is why, before starting any home design project, let's find out if we would be a good fit for each other.

So, if you...

Love DIY projects, but you feel more confident when you follow specialized advice from an interior designer

Have inspiration pictures that you can send over the email or a Pinterest board that you can share 

Can follow simple instruction and measure your room, furniture, or other décor pieces that you want to keep

Can photograph your space from different angles, make a quick walk-through movie and draft a simple drawing with details from your room

Have no issue in handling the product shopping as long as you’ll have the clickable item list and the space plan where to place them

If necessary, you’re able to hire a contractor or a tradesman (plumber, painter, installer) by yourself to help you install complex furniture pieces.

...then e-design is the perfect choice for you.
...then e-design is the perfect choice for you.

We're all set. Let’s design your dream home in two weeks flat!

Schedule your 20 min Discovery Call directly in my calendar.

It's that easy!

If you feel more comfortable writing to me, instead of a zoom call, fill out this form, and I'll get back to you shortly via email.

For more details on my e-design process and services, check out the questions and answers page.
Here you will find all the information you need to know before investing into an e-design service package and start your home design project with me.

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"Life without a pet is possible but pointless."

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