What would you prefer to do after a long and challenging day?
What matters most to you about your home?
What would you like to display on your open shelves?
What do you love to do in your days off?
How do you prefer to spend your vacations?
When you receive guests, what is your favorite way to entertain them at dinner?
What will you prefer to wear for a get-together with your girlfriends? (Choose a max of 6 options)
How would you like the cup from which you drink your tea?
What's your favorite kind of movie?
What kind of jewelry do you prefer?
If you could travel back in time, in what era would you like to live?
What kind of social events do you prefer to attend?
What is your favorite Red Carpet outfit from the following? (Choose a max of 6 options)
If you had to attend an Oscar Night, which of the following dresses will you wear? (Choose a max of 6 options)
Thinking about your home, where's your favorite space to relax in your free time?
What kind of flooring do you prefer?
What types of colors would you prefer to have in your home? (Choose a max of 6 options)

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